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Use Videos To Boost Conversion Rates

Written By: SiteSell in E-Business Tips | September 18, 2010
E-Business Tips

Video gets results. It’s total communication ("a video is worth a thousand pictures"). When you show your visitors what you’re offering via a video, they "get it" much quicker and much deeper. And that means higher Conversion Rates for you.

What videos could you add to your site to make that profitable connection?

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  • Nothing as good as video to get your visitors involved.
    They see your face, they watch how you act, they hear the inflections in your voice. They know you’re real.
    Video is so much more effective than text.

  • Here’s some facts from trusted independent sources that clearly show why YOU need to be getting serious about creating web video;
    52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog, eMarketer).
    More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times).
    The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video per day.
    The search engines visit video sites every few minutes—so your videos appear in Google, Yahoo and MSN just MINUTES after you submit, not days or weeks.
    Because video is so popular, video links and clips often show up before other content.
    Over 50% of viewers will take action after watching a video advertisement. 12% of those will make a purchase (Compared to 1% reading traditional text advertising copy).
    65% of viewers will watch a video ad to the end (Compared to less than 20% who finish an online sales page).
    72% of online surfers watch at least one video on the Internet every week (65% of the viewers are between 35 and 64 and earn middle to high incomes).
    By 2011, 4.3 billion dollars will be spent on web video advertising (65% of people will tell at least one friend about an online video they liked).
    Web video works! That’s a fact!
    But what is also a fact is that most website owners think you need lots of expensive equipment and years of training to create a video, and be a nerdy programmer to put one on your website.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t even need a camcorder to make a web video. Screen-capture programs like Camtasia create HD quality videos which you can add to your website for your visitors, place on YouTube to promote your site or even put them on a DVD and sell them.
    Other uses of web video include;
    – Introductory videos
    – Training or How-To videos
    – Promotional videos
    – Affiliate videos
    – Opt-in (list building) videos
    …and much more.
    Adding a video to your website is simple with the right tools. With a service like you can have your video on your website in minutes. If you can click a mouse, copy and paste, then you qualify!
    Web video isn’t the future. It’s already here, and your visitors will expect to see it.

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