• Pia Mary LaVecchia

    I’m trying to get my old facebook of back that I started in 1978

  • Pia Mary LaVecchia

    Basically it’s from 2010 to 2015 so Facebook state’s can anyone help me have family photos of my mother who is very ill I need my pg back

  • zana yassin

    I’m the owner of my page ( zanyari Drust) it’s more than 40 hour’s my fane page removed by facebook, since i dont know the reason, but only thing i can explain for you about my fane page ( zanyari Drust) we’re working against terorrist and ISIS and we are working like gave any info about technology to our people , please gave me back my fan page and for any reason you removed you can tell me which post been not allowed we will never post that such a things ever, thank you so much

    best regards:

    Zana Yassin

    owner of zanyari drust

    My Page>>> https://www.facebook.com/sarbastba