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SiteSell Blog Roars Back! New Design, New Approach

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices | November 26, 2012

We're back!

People kept asking us…

"When's the next issue of SiteSell Blog coming?"

Back? From Where?

In our last entry, using the "Solo Build It! scam" attack as a case study, we proved that Google didn't have a fix for Googlebombs.

At that time, we drew a line in the sand… no new posts here until Google developed a fix… even though it sadly meant sacrificing The Blog.

While we waited for that resolution, we strengthened our own efforts to "right the wrong" caused by the Googlebomb sabotage against us…

1) Two sites provide an accurate overview of the Googlebombing of SiteSell

2) "SiteSell Answers" actively addresses mistruths, misinformation and misconceptions about SBI!/SiteSell out there on the Net…

3) debunks lies, myths, dated observations, etc. using a question and answer format…

Good news, the wait is over.

We're confident that Google's Penguin algorithm changes are fixing the long-standing issue of "bad" links and other manipulative SEO practices.
It's now easier for Google to pick up webspam and its intent (ex., to sabotage an individual or company).

Going forward, Googlebombing will go the way of the Dodo bird as Google gets better and better at identifying patterns of manipulation and other unnatural link-building behavior.

Yes, the Google fix is definitely in place. And that means…

Drumroll, please…

SiteSell Blog Is Back!

Check it out…

A modern new design, an exciting new approach, and the same evergreen commitment to overdelivering a high-quality resource for you and your business!

Going forward, SiteSell Blog now narrows down its focus and shines the spotlight on Facebook Pages, the most popular Social Media adjunct for e-businesses.

Our goal?

Well, the byline says it all…

"A critical analysis of our history of writing Facebook content that flies… or flops! Strong real-world lessons."

Yup, we have "done that and bought the t-shirt" experience to share! With over 2 years of growing our own Facebook Page under our e-belt…

… we have amassed a diverse collection of powerful lessons along the way (some were learned serendipitously, some by trial-and-error, some the hard way). And our collection will continue to grow. We are constantly learning about what works (or doesn't work).


Week by week, we'll shorten your Facebook Page learning curve by highlighting a new lesson or two from these 3 categories…

  • Best Practices
  • Solid Performers
  • How Not To Post

After all, there's more to building a good Facebook presence for your business than "winging it." 😉

That said, you can also "do it" without feeling too structured. We'll show you how, starting with…

Today's Lesson: Mix 'Em Up

Connect with your fans (people who "like" your business page) through a variety of posts (short, long, with a photo, without a photo, funny, personal, survey, etc.), adding to that variety, improving direction as you watch how your audience replies to each and every post.

Six types of posts are outlined in SiteSell Facebook's free resource, Boost Your Reach and Engagement Levels on Facebook

Must-reading for today's lesson!

The more you stimulate people, at a gut level, with content that means something to them, the more they'll spread that content to their friends by liking, commenting and sharing. When their friends find you, some will "like" your page and start following.

That's how to get discovered… then known… then believed.

Bottom Line?

1) Never use just use one or two types of posts. Mix 'em up. Experiment.

2) Build on winners. Don't repeat a failure more than twice.

You never want to become predictable, but you always want to connect. Brenda illustrates this well…

463 likes and 115 shares!

Tip: Look at your post's shares. They are the best sign that you've "hit home" very strongly. 🙂

OK, it's over to you now. Start by understanding those 6 types of posts…

See you soon for the next real-world lesson from SiteSell Facebook.

All the best,
The SiteSell Facebook Team

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