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“Facebook Questions” – Not All Features Are Winners

Written By: SiteSell in How Not To Post | December 7, 2012

Facebook Questions is a feature that lets you conduct quick polls with your audience. You select it by clicking on the "Event +" option at the top of your Facebook Page. Enter your question and then provide several answers for your fans to choose from.

Make the question and answers relevant to your audience, like we did in this example…


See the question at Facebook here…

Facebook Lesson

Facebook presents their Questions feature as a tool to get recommendations, conduct polls and learn from your friends and other people on Facebook. What was our experience with the sample post?  Only 46 people answered the question, resulting in a low reach

In theory, this feature is a good thing. But it makes sense only if enough of your fans participate. At SiteSell Facebook, questions get much more engagement if we ask them via a normal status update, or in combination with a photo.

Our Recommendation?

Experiment with Facebook Questions. Perhaps your audience responds well to polls in this format. Be creative and add in some humor. Once you get people to laugh, you have their attention.

Compare the results against questions you ask normally. Then go with the format that works best for you.



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