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Picture a Log Across a Forest Trail… What’s Your First Reaction?

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices | December 4, 2012

A simple question works extremely well on Facebook. It quickly draws people into the conversation.  Add an eye-catching photo to the mix and a thought-provoking question will drive "likes" and comments, as Theresa's combo post demonstrates… 


Picture yourself walking along the path in this photo. What's your first reaction to the log? 

1) A hurdle to get over?


2) A spot to rest?

Tell us your choice below. #1 or #2?

– Theresa

Photo © Copyright Shaun Ferguson
Creative Commons Licence

Read the original post on Facebook by clicking here…

Facebook Lesson

Enticing people to comment on a post is usually more challenging than getting them to simply like it. The effort is worth it, though. There is sufficient evidence to support the idea that Facebook values comments more highly than likes when it is evaluating a post's engagement level.

So strive to get people to share a comment, even a brief one will do. You can always start the conversation ball rolling by providing 2-3 possible responses to a simple question. 

Theresa's post generated a range of comments, from short & sweet (#1) to more elaborate responses that often revealed something personal about the individual posters. 

At first glance, her post has no connection to building an online business (what SBI! is all about). However, our fans connected the dots.  The post made them think about how they approach life's speed bumps.

The road to business success is not always smooth and straight, but you can always find a way to keep on moving forward.

All the best,

The SiteSell Facebook Team


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