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Let Your Facebook Fans Fill In The Blank

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices | February 8, 2013

Are you struggling to get your fans to "talk" to you on your Facebook Page? We can recommend a simple and effective method to open the communication floodgates. On top of that, it takes just a couple of minutes to execute.

Any guesses about the method? This example will shine a light on the correct answer…


Fill in the blank: I get my best ideas while ____________________.
– Margit

P.S.: I'll start… I get my best ideas while riding on a bus or train, watching the landscape pass by and letting my thoughts fly.

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Facebook Lesson

"Fill in the blank" posts combine two tried and true engagement boosters…

1) They are short.

2) They have a direct call to action. 

For your fans, reading and commenting take mere seconds to finish… the perfect combo for people on the go.  After all, there is so much to see and do on Facebook.

The key is to choose a topic that makes sense for your audience.  Find a subject that slows them down and pulls them into the conversation.

Experiment with the format.  Try pure status updates (i.e., straight text), or combine the "fill in the blank" post with an appropriate image.  Both formats work well on SiteSell Facebook.

Final tip: Don't jump in with your own comments right away. Let your fans talk first. When comments start to slow down a bit, acknowledge your fans' contributions in a short summary of the discussion, like we've done here.

All the best,

The SiteSell Facebook Team



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