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Turn Self-Promotion Into a Win-Win

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices | February 5, 2013

Promoting your own site or Facebook Page on other business pages is generally frowned upon and is considered as spam by many people. In order to maintain a friendly and welcoming community at SiteSell Facebook, we also enforce a no-spam policy. Find out why and how we make the occasional exception to this rule… 


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Your wish is our command. Your continued participation in 2012 proves that you like the opportunity to showcase your web properties AND learn about others' websites, Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts or Pinterest presence.

On 29 (or 30) days per month we merciless delete any self-promotion from our Page. SBIer or not, TODAY is your chance to be seen by a good number of our 270K+ Fans.

Our Facebook community continues to grow. Since the last self-promo day we added more than 40,000 fans… so even if you participated in previous events, an "encore" is always worth it, as you will reach new people.

For 12 hours from now on, we invite you to brag about yourself. Share a link to your website, shop, Facebook Page, Pinterest boards or Twitter account. Make a compelling case for yourself… tell our fans why they should visit your site, like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.


#1: Make your shameless self-promotion as a COMMENT TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. Posts to our Wall will be deleted. 

By the way, commenting on OUR post will spread your
message to SiteSell Facebook's fan base. If you make 
a Wall post yourself, only your friends will see it 
and the people who come directly to our Wall. 
90% of Facebook users follow their favorite pages
through their news feed. They will see your comments
to our post, but wouldn't see what you posted on our

#2: One comment per person.

#3: Hurry! It's all over in 12 hours from now on.

Ready – set – brag! 

– Carol

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Facebook Lesson

Many people in the SiteSell Facebook community have their own online businesses. Sometimes a few try to push the boundaries  and promote themselves. We do allow a fan to mention his or her website in a post, provided that the post itself is relevant and provides value.

Purely self-promotional posts are hidden by our Facebook team. In fact, Facebook's algorithm tries to catch and hide this type of posts automatically through their spam filtering. 

Periodically, we give our fans an opportunity to promote themselves during our Shameless Self-Promotion Day. This event creates a win-win for everyone involved…

  • Allowing self-promotional posts on a specific day makes it easier for us to be strict at other times. Whenever people try to promote their business, we can gently request that they wait for the next official self-promo opportunity. 
  • Business owners, especially brand new ones, gain valuable exposure and a chance to network.
  • This interaction creates great engagement and virality, which in turn ensures future visibility of our own posts and helps SiteSell to be visible to friends and fans of participants.

Do you want to try something similar on your Facebook Page? Go for it!  These tips will help you…

  • Make sure that this type of promotion is suitable for your audience. Is your own Facebook Page related to marketing? Do many of your fans have online businesses? If you said yes to both questions, do a test drive. 
  • Do not run this type of event too often. Our experiments concluded that a self-promo day about every other month works best for our Page. Frequency reduces participation. See what works best for your audience. 
  • Determine the duration and then stick to it. We limit each event to 12 hours. At that point, we post a comment to the thread and close the event. All subsequent posts are deleted. 
  • During the event, check the thread frequently. Unmark posts that are marked as spam. Facebook's spam filter will aggressively hide self-promotional posts. For this particular thread, you want to be in control.

All the best,

The SiteSell Facebook Team



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