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Written By: SiteSell in Solid Performers | March 23, 2013

Whether you run an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, one of the keys to success is to know your target audience really well. Once you understand their mindset, you can deliver the kind of information, solutions and products they want.

Your Facebook community consists of people who’ve already expressed a general interest in your topic. So why not take it a step further and ask them specifically what information they’d like to get?

Find out how to use your Facebook Page for “market research light”…


Like or Dislike: Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free video chat tool that allows you to invite up
to 9 people into your virtual chat room. With its “Hangouts on Air”
feature, you can live stream your video session at Google+, your YouTube
Channel and your website. It automatically records the session as well.

For our Live Q&A sessions we’ve researched various live stream options, including paid ones, and decided to go with Hangouts, for its ease-of-use and reliability. You can check out the recordings here…

I would love to hear if and how you use Google Hangouts. Please share in the comments below.

– Margit

P.S.: For SBIers… an article about Google Hangouts is in the works. Stay tuned!

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Facebook Lesson

To make this type of research post successful, your fans must immediately grasp that their opinion and feedback are wanted. State your request in the first line of text and for additional visibility in the News Feed, repeat the message in a corresponding image.

In our example, the request (“Like or Dislike: Google Hangouts”) is clearly expressed in the opening line and the graphic.

Keep the post short. Perhaps add a little blurb to quickly explain the tool, product or feature your question is about. If you believe your audience is familiar with the topic at hand, you might not even need that.

Put the emphasis on the call-to-action, both in your opening and your closing lines. Tell your readers exactly what kind of feedback you want from them. Our goal was to find out…

a) how popular Google Hangouts is with our audience and

b) if and how they are using it.

Equipped with your fans’ feedback, you can fine-tune an article you have in mind for your website or blog. Or you might take the article in a completely different direction. Or perhaps the comments gave you an idea for a new topic to write about.

Your Facebook market research doesn’t have to be about one specific tool or product, like in our example. You can tackle a much broader topic. Let’s say your niche is about Siamese cats. Then your question could be…

“As a fellow Siamese cat owner, what are your top 3 concerns when it comes to your Siam’s health?”

Or perhaps you plan to write an e-book, but you aren’t quite sure about the best angle. Write 3 or 4 potential titles and ask your audience for their preference.

The possibilities to use your Facebook Page as a market research tool and content generator are only limited by your creativity. 🙂

Two final tips…

1) The main purpose of this kind of post is to get feedback from your audience. In our experience, they don’t receive as many likes and shares as a motivational quote or a funny image. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

2) Format all of your “research” posts in a similar way. For example, can you design a special graphic that you can re-use, slightly modified (like we do with our “Like / Dislike Shelly”)? Your audience will recognize your recurring posts and hopefully make the connection in their mind -“Ah, another chance for me to give feedback.” 

All the best,

The SiteSell Facebook Team

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