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SiteSell Helps Members Achieve Mobile-Readiness

Written By: Mike Allton in How Solopreneurs Build Their Business | April 22, 2015

SiteSell Helps Members Achieve Mobile-Readiness

By working with Google and providing key upgrades, SiteSell continues to support solopreneurs seeking to grow their online business.

SiteSell has been helping people realize their dream of owning their own business for nearly two decades. During that time, while fostering tens of thousands of solopreneurs, the company has watched the development and maturation of online technology, particularly with regard to search, and has been ever-mindful of how those changes impact SiteSell customers.

As more and more consumers use their smart phones and tablets to access the Internet and search for products and information, it’s become increasingly important to have a website that caters to that audience and presents information in a usable way. It’s that trend that’s caused Google to take steps to ensure businesses provide the best possible experience across multiple devices.

Fortunately for SiteSell customers, having a mobile-ready website has been an option for a long time. A tool that integrates with SiteSell’s website builder, SiteBuilder, was released long ago. Dubbed “Mobilize It!”, the tool was designed to help website owners make necessary adjustments to their site to create a mobile-friendly experience, while still retaining their existing site design and content.

But SiteSell didn’t stop there.

Recognizing that more was needed, SiteSell designers and developers started work last year on creating a new series of themes and layouts for SiteBuilder that were completely responsive – the style of mobile website that’s preferred by Google, and that adjusts the layout depending on the device “viewport” being used by each visitor – and that work was escalated upon the news that Google would be giving preference to sites that passed Google’s Mobile Readiness test.

SiteSell is proud to announce that 10 new fully-responsive themes were just delivered to SiteBuilder users.

TunnelSurfingMarketingJust LettersHarmonyGlass of WineCity LifeBusiness ThingsBooksTeapot

Not only are these new designs modern and gorgeous, some of them feature the much-anticipated and wished-for single column layout.

As with all of the designs in the SiteBuilder Gallery, these new themes are completely free for SiteSell members.

But wait, there’s more!

SiteSell’s SiteBuilder is currently on version 2, as there was a massive upgrade in capability and features years ago. And while most users have upgraded their pages and websites from the old SiteBuilder (BB1), many still have great-performing sites getting tons of traffic using the old format, and cannot utilize the Mobilize It! tool or the new responsive designs.

And while it was stated early on that support for BB1 would be discontinued, SiteSell refused to let that stand in the way of helping its customers. After months of research and development, a new Mobilize It! tool specifically for BB1 has also been released. Just as with the original Mobilize It! tool, site owners can configure mobile-friendly versions of their pages that shift navigation and sidebar elements into a single column, and other necessary adjustments.

And SiteSell is not stopping there.

Improvements have been made to Mobilize It! to ensure that all sites using the tool completely pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test, and improvements will continue as the technology evolves. Developers continue to research and implement additional changes, and are even working with Google to help identify bugs within Google’s systems.

You see, Solo Build It! is firmly committed to providing all its members with every opportunity to succeed with their online business, whether it’s through technology upgrades, education or community. Solo Build It! members, or SBIers as they’re called, know that Solo Build It! is their partner in their solopreneurial journey, helping and guiding every step of the way.

So if you’re a current SBIer, congratulations! Head over to the forums to read the details of these upgrades and find step-by-step instructions on how to implement a new responsive theme or how to use Mobilize It! on your legacy pages.

And for those of you who haven’t yet gotten started on your online business and new direction, now’s the time. You can learn about our complete business package, including website building, niche and keyword research, educational material and more.

Mike Allton
Mike Allton is the Chief Marketing Officer for SiteSell. He has spent years helping solopreneurs achieve success online through the precepts of content marketing: write great content, share that to social, and drive new leads & sales.Mike’s focus is to reach people who have a passion for something and show them how it’s possible to turn that dream into a real online business and income.
  • Good job!

  • Thanks .. Site Sell (over)delivers indexable content to the WORLD Fast & Sure. Site Sell dominates !

  • Hi, Is there an easy way to integrate my already quite large wordpress site to sitesell or is it still a page by page process?

    The reason why I left sitesell after 5 years is because every time you introduced an update – ie from BB1 to BB2 (to enable me to use mobilize it) I had to re-do every single page on my site – and there were more than 500!

    If there is an easily available integration system that doesn’t involve redoing every page every time you do an update, I’ll come back 😉

    • Hi Michelle,

      Great question — and we now have a solution for you.

      To address your question about moving your site, you’re right. It would be a page by page process for you to move your site to SBI!. However, since you’re using WordPress, let me invite you to use bizXpress instead. That way you don’t have to move your site at all, but you get to use the Brainstormer, have access to all of the help and training in SBI!, along with coming back to the owner forums and SiteSell Support.

      bizXpress is SBI! for WordPress. Leave your site where it is and tap into the powerful researching tools, and amazing education and alerts that SiteSell includes.

      You can learn more about bizXpress here, Michelle…

      Of course, if you have specific questions you can always reach me at amy AT sitesell DOT com.

      To address your other comment, about changes in the past requiring page rebuilds… you’re right about that, but that was then. In the past few years (after BB2 was introduced) site updates in SBI! got really fast, and easy to implement. BB1 was cutting edge, when it was new. BB2 rocketed SBI! site building ahead by light years. Now a page change or a site change happens with a few clicks. We saw this confirmed again yesterday with the mobile responsiveness tools SiteSell released on Tuesday (Google’s “Mobilegeddon” day). In fact, one site I know of, which is comprised of a few thousand pages, was updated to mobile ready in under 20 minutes. No page-by-page rebuild there (and some of those pages were BB1 pages).

      Michelle, we’d love to have you back. Send me an email (amy AT sitesell DOT com) if you have more questions — I’d be very happy to answer whatever you still want to know. Otherwise, I’ll look forward to seeing you in the forums!

      Best regards,


  • how does one migrate there site onto the new template? is it a manual process? or is there an easy way to move the 500 odd pages?

    • Hi Lucy,

      Thanks for your questions. I’ll need a little more information to help you (thanks in advance).

      Do you have an SBI! site, or are you working on a different platform?

      If you have an SBI! site, are you working in BB1 pages, or BB2 (or a combination of pages)?

      No matter how you’re building your site, If I can see your site I can be a lot more helpful. Please email a link to your site — you can find me directly at amy AT sitesell DOT com.

      Looking forward to getting a solution in place for you!

      All the best,
      Director, SiteSell Advisor Team

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