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Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

For the multi-tasking solopreneur, one email address is never enough. But setting-up and managing multiple accounts is a time-suck you could live without.

With Gmail, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

How to Create Unlimited Addresses in Gmail

Use your domain-based email addresses (i.e., for business. For everything else – road-testing software, registering for free webinars, you name it – use a Gmail address.

When one isn’t enough, add a “+” sign and then add other characters after the “+”.

For example, if your regular Gmail address is, use any of these…


Gmail PlusTo Gmail, these are all the same. To any site where you have to sign up or register, they are all different. Why is that so great?

It’s particularly useful when signing up for free offers…

Put a company’s name (ex., “supersoftware”) after the “+” to find out if it spams. When you see email coming from a business that you don’t know, and if they are sending it to, you know that “supersoftware” sold your account!  Report it to…

  • (or whatever their domain is)

The beauty of this approach is that you can create an infinite number of addresses and have them all arrive in your Gmail inbox!

Another important use? Use them as disposable addresses to take back total control of your email..

You Can Also Filter Unwanted Messages!

Finished testing that software? No longer want to receive messages from that company? Most folks click the “Unusubscribe” link.  But what if they don’t obey? Or what if you later change your mind and want to catch up on missed emails?

“Gmail Unlimited” offers you many useful options. For example…

To stop receiving email from “test2” (an account you set up to test a product), set up a filter to direct these messages to the trash (or anywhere you like). Here’s how…

1) Open your Gmail and click on the down arrow in the search box at the top…

Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

2) Add the customized email address (yourname+test to the “To” box, then click “Create filter with this search”…

Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

3) Select the action you want Google to take (“Delete” in this case) and create the filter…

Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

If you figure that you may want to catch up on posts by a blogger at some point, choose to store these in a folder instead. The options here make “Gmail Unlimited” super-useful!

Bottom Line Takeaway?

Time is the most precious resource you have. Don’t waste it on needless tasks like managing multiple email addresses. Instead…

  1. Set up a “Gmail variation” whenever you need a different address.
  2. Filter it (usually to the trash) when you’re through.

Oh, and if you’re worried about what Gmail thinks of this hack… they suggested it on their official blog!

Since time is the commodity you have the least of when operating as a solopreneur, be diligent about freeing more of it up. Use these 3 simple hacks (in addition to the email hack above) to create more time for your business.

Margit Streifeneder
Margit Streifeneder is the Communications Manager at SiteSell. She handles the Editorial Calendar, coordinates marketing initiatives and is renowned for her organisational skills. She's passionate about helping solopreneurs achieve success, and enjoys interviewing SBI! members about their achievements. Her personal goal is "never being cold again," so she chose to settle in Nicaragua, for now.
  • Isyaias Sawing

    Smart action to save my limited time. Thank you and be blessed.

    • Margit Streifeneder

      Thank you Isayaias. Glad that you found the article useful.

      • Isyaias Sawing

        You are welcome Margit.

  • David Lockett

    That is very good advice.
    The very worst thing you can do is to use the email address that may have been registered with your Internet service provider (ISP), and which is used to forward emails from your gmail account to your home computer.
    At some time in the future you are probably going to want to change ISPs, and if over time you have done things such as use the email address address provided by your IPS as your contact address when registering a domain name, you could run into major issues if that email address no longer exists. This then means that you cannot easily change your domain name registration details because you can no longer be contacted through the nominated email address.
    I experienced this once during the early days of the Internet when I wanted to buy a website domain name from the man who had registered it. The problem was that the ISP he had been with when he registered the domain name was no longer in business, and so the email address he had used when registering the domain name no longer existed.
    Following a number of International phone calls to the registrar, we had to fax a legally verified copy of his passport and his drivers licence and a legally verified statement from him authorising the transfer to the registrar who was located in the USA, while we were located in Australia, and it took a while to sort the issue out and for the registrar to transfer the domain name registration to myself.
    Also, when registering a domain name, it is a good idea to register a second email address as a back up. Plus, where possible register a telephone number to which a text message can be sent containing a verification code that you would then need to use when changing the contact email address for your domain name.
    Anyhow, this is how it works for me.

    • Margit Streifeneder

      Thanks David for this additional advice. Could save some readers a major headache. 😉

  • Hey what a good idea. I have everything coming through POBox to my email and it takes me ages even though I mostly highlight and delete. Not confident in gmail… so will bookmark this post. Thanks.

    • Margit Streifeneder

      Glad you liked the idea. I signed up with Gmail in 2007, and it is so much better than any other email client I ever used before (web based or not). Give it a try!

  • Chris Noonan

    I thought this a good idea, so I decided to try it. The place where I entered the new address calls it an invalid e-mail. (Is it the “+” sign?) Anyway it didn’t want to work.

    • Margit Streifeneder

      Hi Chris, yes, unfortunately there are some services or accounts that don’t accept these type of email addresses. For example, you can’t use them to give someone access to your Google AdWords account.

      What service were you trying when it didn’t work (if you don’t mind sharing)?

      • Chris N.

        Hi Margit,

        Thanks for answering.

        I was creating an account with But this hack has worked on other sites. It’s great. Wish I knew about it before now.

        • Margit Streifeneder

          Thanks for getting back to me, Chris. Good to hear that the +email trick worked for other sites. 🙂

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