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What’s a Good Domain Name?

Niche Selection

Google counts hundreds of factors in its ranking algorithm. Some are on-page, while other factors (200+) are off-page as Google tracks human response to your content.

Your niche or "Site Concept" keyword in your domain name is just one little "on-page" factor in Google's overall algorithm.… Read more

The Niche-Monetization Connection

Niche Selection

"How long does it take to create an earning business?" If you're thinking, "the sooner I earn some income, the better," use these guidelines to understand the niche-monetization connection…

1) Focus on less competitive niches.

With this approach, you'll limit the total income possible in the long run, but you'll earn income sooner since you'll generate traffic faster by winning for less competitive keywords.… Read more

Find the Right Spot on the Narrow-to-Broad Niche Spectrum

Niche Selection

Identifying the best niche for your business is a challenge. It boils down to a judgement call on your part.

Generally, the broader and/or more competitive a certain niche is, the more effort you will need to expend and the longer it will take for your keywords to win the Search Engine wars.… Read more

How Do You Recognize A Good Niche?

Niche Selection

The rest of your business rides on your choice of a niche or theme. SBI! calls this a "Site Concept."

A Site Concept is a keyword (ex., "Anguilla" or "Anguilla villas"). You use it as a focus for writing the information or content of your home page.… Read more

An “Early Stage” Niche Requires Hard Thinking and Time

Niche Selection

A niche that is slightly ahead of the curve (or an "early stage" concept) requires some dedicated brain work AND time to develop a just-right Site Concept. So there is nothing to worry about if researching and analyzing several potential keywords in DAY 2 takes you a month or so.… Read more

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