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Are You Getting in Your Own Way?

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There is no single path to success, although persistence is a critical character trait for ultimate success. Why? Because few people succeed on their first attempt.

There are guaranteed patterns of failure, things that the same people do over and over again.… Read more

Reality Vs. “Should Be”

E-Business Tips

Reality does not go away because you ignore it or say things should not be the way they are. Reality, if ignored, merely rears its sometimes ugly head later on and smacks you in the head, after you’ve done so much work and have much more on the line.… Read more

Too Much or Too Little E-Business Thinking?

E-Business Tips

The two biggest mistakes made by most entrepreneurs are actually opposites of each other…

1) Fire-Ready-Aim — the person who leaps before he looks. If this fits you, Ben Franklin said it best…

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In other words, ignore the preparation work at your peril.… Read more

Do You Know Your “Backup Response”?

E-Business Tips

What's in the future for those who leave your website? Not you or your website… not unless you put your business into their futures. 

The reality is, unless you provide "Backup Responses," they won't return to your site even if they like and bookmark it.… Read more

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