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Use Visitor Feedback To Fine-Tune Your Message
Business Tips

Studying the response of a new Web page or an e-zine issue helps you to fine tune your message to just the right level of understanding and credibility.

Are there any confusing points or assumptions or built-in biases affecting the clarity of your communications?… Read more

Search It! Has Two New Searches

Business Tips

Check out the 2 new searches at Search It!

Back Links > To SUBDOMAIN from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

Back Links > To Page from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

These two SEOmoz searches are useful ways to check links to your site and to any page on your site.… Read more

Give Prospects Enough Details To Move Forward
Business Tips

As your prospects move through the PREselling Cycle from "awareness" to "interest" to "ready-to-buy" (or "ready-to-hire" or "ready-to-book," etc.), they often reach a point where they need some details to move forward. They may even be considering other offerings and want to compare features.… Read more

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