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Evaluating WordPress Themes

Evaluating WordPress Themes

Once you’ve found a WordPress theme that you like, you should evaluate the theme for relevance, stability and reputation.

Relevant: The theme meets your needs and fits with the overall purpose of your website and online business plans.

Stable: Has been tested and used by others without any major functionality issues or security vulnerability concerns.… Read more

Evaluating WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are designed to extend the features and functionality of your WordPress site. Similar to WordPress themes, plugins can either be free or premium (paid). With more than 43,000 free plugins available in the WordPress repository, you’ll likely be able to find a free plugin to add the functionality you want to your site.… Read more

Mindmaps: An Effective Tool To Create Your Website’s Structure

Mindmaps: An Effective Tool To Create Your Website’s Structure

By Alf Pedersen (…

To better illustrate SBI!’srecommended 3-tier website structure, I have written this article to illustrate how mindmaps can help you see the “big picture” of site content before you begin to build. I will use my own experience as an example.… Read more

How to Find a WordPress Theme

How to Find a WordPress Theme

When it’s time to search for a theme for your WordPress site, you may approach the research with a great sense of “wonder” and “mystery.” Who knows what the thousands of amazingly talented WordPress developers have created for you to discover?… Read more

How to Create a Good Site Design

How to Create a Good Design

By Kate Wagner Hjorth, Design Coach at SiteSell Professionals

A well designed site draws your visitors into a page’s content, and helps them continue through your content to the most wanted response (MWR) for that page. A poorly designed page distracts them (at best) from your content and MWR.… Read more

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