Information and Resources for Solopreneurs
How to say Thank You


It seems fitting that we should take a moment now to consider what it means to be thankful to someone, and similarly, how to deliver that thanks.

“Thank you” as a phrase is something we’re taught by our parents quite early on, isn’t it?… Read more

Solopreneurship IS Personal Freedom


I was on a Skype chat the other night, at about midnight. A few days before that I was Skyping at 5 a.m. with another colleague.

Sound crazy? Maybe it is. But it’s the backstory behind being an entrepreneur.

To be honest, I live a 24 hour day.… Read more

The Highest Barrier to Entry Is Fear


“I can’t start a business, I’m too busy right now.”

“I can’t afford to start a business.”

“What on earth would I do for a business?”

It’s a leap, starting a business. I remember making these statements nearly 20 years ago, and I’ve heard so many others say the same things since then.… Read more

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