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Evaluating WordPress Themes

Evaluating WordPress Themes

Once you’ve found a WordPress theme that you like, you should evaluate the theme for relevance, stability and reputation.

Relevant: The theme meets your needs and fits with the overall purpose of your website and online business plans.

Stable: Has been tested and used by others without any major functionality issues or security vulnerability concerns.… Read more

Are You The “Work From Home” Type? The Answer May Shock You!


Odds are that you have at least considered it, working from home is very appealing. You’ve created this perfect cocoon of comfort and serenity, where all your needs are accounted for. So why wouldn’t you want to work from there? If you really are interested in working from home, many great opportunities are within your reach.… Read more

Proof That Google Has No True Googlebomb Algorithm

Ken's Blog

"Solo Build It! Scam" as Case Study

The previous 3 posts of this blog reviewed the 10+ years of Googlebomb history (over a 3-part series). Two conclusions are inescapable…

  • Google has systematically misled the public about the Googlebomb, including the very existence of a "Googlebomb" at the beginning (when many knew otherwise) up to today's sorry policy of manually fixing only those highly publicized bombs that risk the public's confidence in the quality of Google search.

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