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Why Are Testimonials Like Potato Chips?

Digital & Hard Goods

What’s the biggest single factor your visitor will look for if she decides your product is just what she wants?

Your credibility.

Overcome any fears and doubts convincingly by telling her what your present customers have experienced.… Read more

How Much Money Is “Old-School” MLM Costing You?

Network Marketing

There seems to be many hidden costs when you do MLM the old-school way. From start-up inventory fees to the associated costs of motivation seminars, expenses seem to really add up. In some cases/companies, YOU seem to be their real business, not the selling of actual goods to real customers.… Read more

Want to Sell a Product? Focus on Its Benefits


Many businesses that sell a product (or service) mistake its “features” for “benefits” over and over again. Why? Because they design features into the product. They don’t, however, experience the benefits… customers do.

And the customers want the benefits, not the features.… Read more

The Finder’s Fee Model Generates Leads


The finder's fee model is as classic as business itself… get paid for referrers or a finder's fee by finding customers (or "leads"). In other words, you become the key intermediary between surfers looking for information/solutions and business owners (especially those ones offline) who provide the products or services these surfers are seeking.… Read more

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