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How To Monetize Visitor Questions

How To Monetize Visitor Questions

The Dilemma

You’ve built your website according to SiteSell’s Business Building  Action Guide.

Your high quality content has attracted targeted traffic and interested visitors return to your site on a regular basis.

Now you start receiving questions from real people.

It’s time to get excited.… Read more

Getting Started with Google AdSense

Google AdSense Primer

Google’s AdSense (and similar programs from other companies) is a contextually based ad system. What does this mean?

It means that Google quickly reads the content of any page that contains its AdSense code, every time someone views that page. Based on that content, Google then supplies ads that are relevant — in context — to the page information.… Read more

11 Lessons To Boost Your Email Marketing

11 Lessons To Boost Your Email Marketing

by Dominique de Rooij (

“The money’s in the (email) list” is a popular saying among email marketers, and for good reason. But you need to take your email marketing seriously. Just playing around won’t get you anywhere.

I have been playing around with email marketing over the past few years and sold a few products.Read more

16 Tips for Travel Site Affiliate Links

16 Tips for Travel Site Affiliate Links

By Greg Mattson (…

AdSense is, and continues to be, the main source of income for our travel websites and those of other people in this niche.

But in the last 6 months to a year, we’ve been able to broaden income diversification on our 2 travel sites, especially for the site.Read more

Does the “M” Stage Make You Feel Uncomfortable?


The art of business is for the marketer and the customer to gladly make a profit off each other. Your customer happily parts with time or money in return for whatever you are offering.

Selling something does not put you in the “used car salesman” slot unless you do it badly, meaning that your customer does not make a profit off of what you offer.… Read more

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