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Choose The Right Fotos For Your Facebook Posts

Choosing the right photo for your Facebook post can make all the difference between a “loser” and a “winner.” Let’s look at a real-life example, comparing two similar posts. Both were made on the same day, covered a similar topic, started with a quote and had a clear call-to-action.… Read more

Facebook Tip: 4 Benefits of Sharing Your Website Visitors’ Photos
Guest post by Nisha Williams from

If your website tends to attract visitor contributions, especially photos, use them to boost your following and interaction levels on Facebook.

One of the things I love about Facebook is that it brings people together who are willing and ready to give compliments and likes to others who have created something.… Read more

How Not To Share Links On Facebook

Today's Facebook marketing tip revolves around the art of sharing links. Your most wanted response when you share a link is of course to get that click! How you share your link can have a big impact on your click-through-rate. Let's study the following example for a valuable link sharing lesson…

As I return from the family vacation, I used to get the "holiday blues"… I did NOT want to return to work.Read more

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