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Put Your Blinders On!

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One of my favorite jokes is also an excellent teaching tool. It starts with a little old lady calling the police…

“You have to come immediately. There’s a man walking around in his apartment across the street, with all the lights on, stark naked.”

The police rush over.… Read more

The Entrepreneurial Time Mindset

Ken’s Blog

Owning and building a business, whether it’s online or offline, takes a considerable amount of work in the first few months. It also requires that you change your mindset. Instead of seeing yourself as an “employee,” you now need to view yourself as an “entrepreneur.”

With this mindset, you understand that you must invest time and energy upfront to build a thriving business.… Read more

It All Started From 7 Bucks Back in 2003

Ken’s Blog

SBIers Elad and Tamar Shippony ( were recently awarded’s annual Affiliate Sweepstakes Grand Prize of $10,000. Elad shared this exciting news in the SBI! Forums. Here’s a snippet from his post…

“I still find it hard to believe.Read more

Google’s Search Improvements
Ken’s Blog

Google has launched a ton of search improvements lately that have SEOers either crying, crying foul (the usual “Google owes me a living” or some variation thereof), or crying out that they are still relevant (as they become less and less so, at least in the traditional meaning of the SEO term).… Read more

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