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Create a Strong Business-Building Chain

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There are many mistakes that small e-business owners make. I would say that most non-SBIers fail simply because they don’t have the right process-and-tools to take them all the way.

They may think they do, but they’re usually just buying into a faulty model (a Get-Rich-Quick scam, the latest hot thing, whatever).… Read more

A Letter From an SBIer

Ken’s Blog

I received a wonderful e-mail yesterday. An SBIer sent it privately because he didn’t want it in the SBI! Forums.

There were several strong lessons in it, so I asked him if I could make a post about it if I removed all identifiable information.… Read more

What Is the Real and Noble Purpose of Business?
Ken’s Blog

There are two types of business models…

#1) Those who want to profit off of you by offering you a product that is worth less than the dollars you parted with in order to purchase it.

#2) Those who want YOU to profit off of them by offering you a product that YOU believe is worth more than the dollars you parted with in order to purchase it. … Read more

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