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When Promoting Posts, Know Your Target

The average Facebook post is only seen by a small fraction of your fan base. If you follow our strategies, you can maximise the number of people who see and interact with your posts, but sometimes you want to give an important message the extra “oomph.” Facebook offers a solution – at a cost: Facebook Promoted Posts.… Read more

Get Your Facebook Fans To Dream

Purchase decisions are often driven by emotions rather than rational thinking. We buy the dream behind the product or service. We pay for the good feeling that comes with driving the brand new car or wearing the fancy new shoes.

As a marketer, whether on Facebook or on your website, you want to tap into your visitors' dreams and desires.… Read more

Make Your Seasonal Posts Stand Out

Seasonal messages tend to attract attention and notes of appreciation. That's because most people like to celebrate major holidays and milestones. But here's the catch… what if every business on Facebook posts a similar message? How can you make your business stand out from the crowd?… Read more

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