Give Prospects Enough Details To Move Forward

Written By: SiteSell in E-Business Tips | July 9, 2010
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As your prospects move through the PREselling Cycle from "awareness" to "interest" to "ready-to-buy" (or "ready-to-hire" or "ready-to-book," etc.), they often reach a point where they need some details to move forward. They may even be considering other offerings and want to compare features.

This is the critical "we could lose them" stage. A comprehensive well-written overview of your product or service’s features will lead your prospective customers safely to your order form (or respond to whatever "call for action" you have on your site). Your overview will also remove the possibility of them wandering off to a competitor’s site.

Are you presenting the features of your product (or service) in the most thought-provoking, credibility-building, and action-motivating way possible?

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