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How and When To Monetize Your Site

Written By: SiteSell in Monetization | July 9, 2010

Building a Theme-Based Content Site is a flexible strategy that anyone can use to create an online income. But do you know the #1 mistake that most small business people commit while starting their online businesses?

They start with Monetization. For example…

Some people want to open an e-store and sell widgets. Great! But it's way too early to work on the M in Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize. They need to nail down Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell first.

Others have decided to start a work-from-home business. They've heard of Google AdSense and want to create a site just to "sell" AdSense ads. Good idea, but wrong mindset.

Others want to earn income by being affiliates, another way of never dealing with a customer. There are several other ways to earn "income without customers."

Or they are already eBayers and want to expand their established "power seller" eBay status, and drive more traffic to their eBay stores.

Perhaps they realize the power of the Web for building a Network Marketing business. What an advantage! MLM online is a disaster area. No one "gets it" yet! Build a C arrow T arrow P arrow L site. What does the "L" stand for? Leads… warm, PREsold leads who call the MLMer!

Maybe they want to boost traffic to an existing e-commerce venture. Or even boost their local, offline retail store or real estate agency.

Or they have plans to write an e-book to sell from a dedicated sales page on their own site, and/or in other locations such as ClickBank's Marketplace.

These are all great ideas, but…

It's too early to have decided upon "the" way to monetize when they start building their online business. And it would be too early for you as well.

Here's another way to look at it…

Think of the M as the finish line, the gold medal, the trophy—after completing a road race or a sports event. It's what we strive for—the glorious reward for our efforts.

The M comes last, yes… But think about it before you build your web site, before you even settle for a site concept.

First, please realize that you most likely won't choose only one monetization model. A diversified portfolio of monetization options will build you a stronger, more profitable, and more stable business. So…

Even if you think you know exactly how you will monetize, don't lock yourself into one monetization model. Be willing to consider other ways to monetize. Why leave money on the table?

There are many more ways to convert C arrow T arrow P into M. A diversified business is a bigger, more prosperous business.

Check this site for examples of business models and how to make them thrive online:

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