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Search It! Has Two New Searches

Written By: SiteSell in E-Business Tips | July 17, 2010

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Check out the 2 new searches at Search It!

Back Links > To SUBDOMAIN from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

Back Links > To Page from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

These two SEOmoz searches are useful ways to check links to your site and to any page on your site. Their results are also a good complement to similar data from Yahoo! (available via Search It!). Use the information to find out what you have to do to get a page to rank (compared to a page that’s beating you), or to find sites that link to similar competitor pages so you can approach them for a link.

Successful SBIers take link-building seriously. They realize its importance and “just do it.”

Build a diversified portfolio of quality links. And while doing it, keep it real.

There are services out there that will get you 500 crappy links from directories and article-submitting sites that are basically spam havens. They likely do more harm than good. (Google watches for low-value, fast-track stuff like that.) Don’t fall for those schemes.

Test SiteSell’s Value Exchange, a free tool that locates relevant links from credible sources for a link exchange. SBI! offers much more and ensures you develop a comprehensive, well-rounded inbound links program to generate high rankings and high traffic.

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