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Digitize It… Sell It!

Written By: SiteSell in Digital & Hard Goods | August 4, 2010

Digital & Hard Goods

If you can digitize it, you can sell it. Selling e-books, videos, digital photo collections, MP3s, DVDs, clip art, e-sounds, cartoons/art/ illustrations, or software takes the Internet beyond a communications medium.

When you sell digital or electronic goods, the Net becomes a frictionless, automated distribution channel. No products to handle. No boxes to pack. No courier to ship.

It’s e-commerce at its most efficient!

But like anything in life, it all begins with the right approach. Most small businesses fail because of poor process.

The “standard approach” used by the 97-98% of e-tailers who fail (even though they may have great products and beautiful sites) is…

  • Create e-product.
  • Create site to sell e-product.
  • Add sales and fulfillment solution.
  • Die due to lack of traffic.

The right approach is based on the understanding that creating Valuable Content (i.e. Information) comes before Traffic which comes before Monetization (i.e., “Collecting the Money”).

The key is to build high volumes of targeted visitors, and then PREsell them your own products, and other products you represent as an affiliate.

“Sell” what people want and search for on the Web… information.

What kind of information? As an online retailer, anticipate two kinds of information-seekers…

1) Shoppers looking for product information — provide information related to the products themselves. But not the short, sales bits of sales copy, picture and price — that’s for your shopping catalog/cart. Create real content… reviews, experiences, “the history of,” and so forth.

Real content gets found. Product listings don’t get found at the major Search Engines like Google. And they get buried among thousands of similar listings in the “comparative shopping engines,” which only send dribs and drabs of traffic compared to the major engines.

2) Surfers looking for information about a related topic — these people don’t even know they are shopping… yet! They seek information about topics related to the niche/theme of your business. This approach converts surfers into interested visitors because SBI! helps your pages score highly at the Search Engines and this makes your site easy to find. As trust and credibility grow, your content converts visitors into warm, PREsold customers.

Information is the foundation of your business, no matter what you plan to sell on the Net. Obviously, the information provided on your Theme-Based Content Site should be tightly related and lead naturally into the sale of your digital goods.

While digital goods may be your primary monetization model, additional revenues can be added via Google AdSense, affiliate income, services, finders-fee, joint venture, etc. that “fit” your situation.

Selling digital goods can be highly profitable, easily automated and low-risk. Blend in other monetization models and you can build a strong, diversified and growing online business.

For more information about creating and owning your own profitable e-business that sells digital goods, click here.

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