Getting Free Targeted Web Traffic to Your Site Is Not Rocket Science

Written By: SiteSell in Traffic Generation | August 24, 2010

Traffic Generation

Building your own free targeted web traffic is how you will truly own your online business.

There’s nothing wrong with supplementing traffic by buying Pay-Per-Click advertising, or opening a Yahoo! or eBay store. But, keep in mind… the day you stop paying for your traffic is the day your traffic stops. And your business too.

Free targeted web traffic is your site’s lifeblood. Users find your site at the search engines, because they were searching for information, products or services that you write about. They read your content, become PREsold… and turn into customers.

How do you build your own free targeted web traffic?

By creating content. Not just any content, but quality, keyword focused content. And by establishing quality links into your site. Doing this, you will create a snowball effect, with your traffic gaining size and speed. Always keep in mind to please the search engines and your human visitors.

Your site’s content pages take care of the “on-page” part of the traffic equation, like keyword density, page title and description (by the way, SBI! has an inbuilt tool that checks your page’s on-page criteria and gives suggestions to get them just right).

In addition, you need to look at the “off-page” criteria. With “off-page” criteria, search engines try to evaluate how human visitors react to your page. Do other sites link to your page? If so, are they authority sites in your niche? How long does a visitor stay away from search engines after a click to your site? And many other signals that search engines do not easily disclose.

The closer you meet the search engine’s expectations for both on-page and off-page criteria, the better your page will rank. The more pages you have in the top ten positions at the major search engines, the easier it will be for your visitors to find your site.

More off-page activity… the better your keywords rank… the more traffic you get… the snowball grows and grows.

Take the traffic test. Are you in the top 1% or do you need to build more free traffic?

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