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Keyword Research – It Starts With the Site Concept, Part 2

Written By: SiteSell in Keyword Research | August 11, 2010

Keyword Research

It's time to gather ideas for your site concept. Settle into your favorite chair and write your ideas into a notepad. Or go for a walk and record them with your cell phone. You could also put them into a text file on your computer, but I think this part of the work is best done away from your PC.

Keep going with this (but not forever).

Think of things you like or enjoy, things you are passionate about. What skills have you learned in your job? What do other people say you are good at? Maybe something you read in the newspaper, or in a magazine will trigger an idea. Or even a good movie.

Then, when you have your big list of ideas, work through it, and choose the three things that interest you most.

Why three?

If you have only one, you won't have anything to compare against. But when you have three site concept ideas, you can use Niche Choose It! to find the best one through a process of elimination.

But first, use Brainstorm It!'s Site Concept Finder to research keywords for all three potential site concepts in one go.

For example, let's say you're a jazz lover… your three choices could be "Jazz Canada," "Jazz Festivals" and "Jazz Guitarists." With the help of Brainstorm It!, you may find that one has great potential, one's a loser, and one is in-between.

The Site Concept Finder is a time-saving tool that can help with

  • sparking a new niche or site concept
  • clarifying your ideas (and thinking), with a number of keywords related to the site concept
  • identifying possible sub-topics
  • identifying how broad or narrow a niche is
  • choosing the most viable site concept
  • realizing that the niche is not viable, and indicate to re-start your research.

This might sound like a lot of work, but it's worth every minute of your time. If no one is interested in your niche, or if the competition is too strong, you won't get much traffic. Without traffic, you might as well not have a website. You'd be invisible!

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