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Keyword Research – It Starts With the Site Concept

Written By: SiteSell in Keyword Research | August 9, 2010

Keyword Research

It’s important to ensure, when doing keyword research, that you don’t become number-bound. Always keep in mind that computers return only keywords and numbers. They are not able to think. Use your brain when analyzing keywords.

It’s also important to take your time with your keyword research. Rushing at this early stage will result in your site being built on a shaky foundation. And if the foundation is weak, it won’t be easy to build a successful web site. Investing the time at this stage will pay dividends farther down the road. Skimping now can result in disappointment, and almost certain failure later.

It’s worth mentioning that a “keyword” can be a single word, or a multi-word phrase.

For example, “Anguilla” is a keyword, and “Anguilla resorts” is also a keyword. Think of what you enter at a search engine, and keep this in mind when you do your keyword research.

The first brick in your site’s foundation starts with your site concept keyword.

Your site concept is your site’s central theme (or niche). Choose this keyword carefully so that your site will have a solid foundation, upon which you’ll be able to build your site’s content effectively. Those content pages are about topics related to your site concept. Think of your site concept as an electrical current running through a house: it’s available in every room.

Briefly, a good site concept should…

  1. Be in demand. There should be a reasonable number of people searching for the keyword.
  2. Not be too broad. A site concept that is too broad will have very high competition, and it will take a lot of time to “own” the niche.
  3. Excite you. Choosing something that you’re excited about will turn “work” into pleasure. That way, you’ll find it easy to write the content for your site.
  4. Have high ROI (return on investment) potential. Your keyword should be able to be monetized. It’s always a good idea to be able to diversify, thus giving you more than one option to monetize.
  5. Be in sync with your available time to work on your site. For example, if you have only an hour a week, choosing a highly competitive niche will not give you the expected results.

Brainstorm It!, SBI!’s keyword research tool, can help you with #1, #2 and #4. And Niche Choose It! can help you make your final decision based on all five points, plus any others you may think of.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Plan to invest enough time to do your keyword research thoroughly.

No demand (or too much competition) = No traffic = No income.

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