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Factors That Affect Your Conversion Rate

Written By: SiteSell in Network Marketing | August 4, 2010

Network Marketing

There are 5 major factors that affect how well you convert online visitors/leads to potential customers and downline members. Let’s examine each one…

Factor #1 — Network Marketing Has a Stigma

If you have a website about telecommunications, for example, and try to “pitch” your ACN Network Marketing opportunity too soon (i.e., right on your site), the odds are you are…

  • not going to convert that person, and/or…
  • going to alienate visitors to your site who might otherwise have been interested in some of your other income-producing offerings (how you monetize your traffic).

Remember, you want to become a profitable Independent Business Person, not an MLMer doing Internet Marketing or an InterNETwork Marketer…

That is just one way you make money. So don’t put all your other potential income streams at risk.

Imagine how easy it would be if MLM had no stigma, how differently you’d feel and approach matters. But no, have no doubt about this one. Recognize this very big reality and deal with it.

How? That depends on other factors below. No single factor will determine your approach. Take them all into consideration.

Factor #2 — How well known is your company (and/or its products) as an MLM company?

The more “MLM-recognition,” the more you should likely delay discussing it or its products.

Factor #3 — Does your company allow you to mention it or its products, link to it, etc.?

Some allow you to have a website, as long as there is no mention or link to it.  Some have an absolute rule. Some have no rules.  But obviously, you need to know and “play” within the rules.

Important note… If your company does not allow you to have your own site, under your control, to do with as you like, even if they have zero-presence on the site, it’s time to find a good company in the same niche. You are dealing with a dinosaur that is afraid of the Web and of your independence.

Factor #4 — Customer State of Mind

Why is your customer on your site? What is s/he looking for? If your site is about the niche of Network Marketing itself, you can obviously go more directly at the conversion of your visitor to product sale or business opportunity sooner, even on the website itself (assuming the company permits it). On the other hand, these people are more likely already part of an MLM company and they actually will be looking for good “how to” information, etc.

If yours is a site about adventure travel, your visitor is not in the market for joining your “MLM travel agent” opportunity. Not yet, anyways. Be more gradual. Or can you creatively present ideas for saving money, even earn some, while traveling? Get into your customer’s head.

When in doubt, experiment until an approach does work.

Test, test, test. An important part of selling in any biz.

Suppose you have an “anti-oxidant review” site. Many anti-oxidant products are known to be offered by MLMs.  So you may be able to be more direct on the site.

Factor #5 — Your Brand and How Well You Have PREsold

There is a natural resistance to purchase from someone you don’t know.  The whole idea of Content arrow
Traffic arrow
PREsell arrow
Monetize is to overcome that. Take a hard look at your site. Ask a friend to do the same. Does your material come across and portray you (between the lines) as a knowledgeable person who is passionate about this niche. Would you do business with you if you were not you? If you’re not sure, pour more time into building great content.

By thinking realistically and creatively about these 5 factors, you will be able to develop a conversion process that will pull people into your website and make them want to contact you for more credible information. That, of course, is when all of your MLM offline training kicks into gear.

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