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PREsell To Increase Conversion Rates

Written By: SiteSell in PREselling | August 5, 2010


Why do the vast majority of online businesses fail? Their owners do not understand…

  • the importance of quality relevant content and
  • the difference between “PREselling” and selling.

Web users search for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you – they don’t know you (yet!). They seek what you know. Give it to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand content. To succeed online, start where they start – at “the search.”

A Theme-Based Content Site reflects that fundamental reality. It contains information based on a main subject or niche. Each page focuses on a single topic that’s related to that theme… a Keyword-Focused Content Page. The sum of all the information on all of your pages forms the content of your site.

As your content is quality information, and not a sales page, visitors start to like and trust you, based on what you write about on your site. Your content-rich site deepens trust and builds credibility…

And that’s what “PREselling” is all about.

You “PREsell” by OVERdelivering what they seek… relevant, original, information. And you deliver it in your own voice, in your own way.

This credibility creates an open-to-buy or open-to-hire mindset. You’re now a mere click away from Monetizing (converting PREsold traffic into dollars)… via affiliate links, order pages, contact forms, Google AdSense ads, your own store, eBay auctions, or any of over 15 ways to monetize your traffic.

People “buy” from those they know and like. They resist sales efforts from everyone else.

PREsold visitors convert more easily and more frequently into paying customers… which is exactly the result that your online business wants and needs in order to prosper. That’s the winning advantage of a Theme-Based Content Site.

Contrast that to a visitor who arrives at a sales site… no inspiring, relevant, editorial content. Selling merely tries to get the sale. If you don’t have a brand (and most of us don’t), if you haven’t built a relationship with your visitor, your chances of selling are near-zero.

Why?; Well, which person would you respond to? A stranger with a sales pitch or a knowledgeable friend/expert making a recommendation? Become that knowledgeable friend/expert.

Selling is not your site’s first priority. (In fact, you may decide not to sell anything and become an “infopreneur” instead!) Your #1 priority is to PREsell through delivery of the information that visitors seek.

Check this site for hundreds of examples of sites that use PREselling successfully.

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