Writing Great Content Starts With Your VPP

Written By: SiteSell in Content & Article Writing | August 19, 2010

Content & Article Writing

Where do you best start with content creation? You start with your VPP, or Valuable PREselling Proposition. Your VPP answers, in a few words, two critical questions about your site concept…

  • What specific and high-value information does your site deliver?
  • What is your unique positioning for this delivery (i.e., your angle of approach – more on this in a second)?

Answering these questions will help you to create quality content, and keep your site’s content focused on your site concept or niche.

When deciding your VPP, think about:

1) What’s The Spin? (AKA “Positioning”)?

This is your angle of approach. How are you going to position your site’s content? For example, a teen may write about her family holiday adventures at their favorite holiday spot, Anguilla. But her dad will write in a more sophisticated tone, and his content may be on Anguilla’s investment opportunities.

2) Don’t Mix Themes

Keep your content focused on your theme and you’ll avoid the risk of diluting your site’s search engine effectiveness. And you won’t cloud your message to your visitors.

Example: Anguilla-beaches.com does not write about Antigua or Barbados. (It does, however, write about St. Martin because that is a common day trip, just a few miles away.)

Decide on your angle, and stick to it.

Your “spin” is one of your most important decisions. It determines how you position yourself and your content. It makes your site unique and stand out from the crowd.

We talked about the difference between PREselling and selling.

You’ll recognize high quality content that PREsells, because …

  1. It has a “been there… done that” voice and flair.
  2. It has specific, “zing knowledge” that comes from real experience.
  3. It is supported by a depth of useful information. This is where good reference material plays an important part.
  4. It is consistent, from page to page, from e-zine issue to issue, from week to month to year.
  5. It is for the customer, absolutely.

Good PREselling is critical to your success. You don’t PREsell after you’ve written the content. You do it BEFORE you write… you plan it as you finalize what your content will be. Good PREselling means…

  1. Write to communicate.
  2. Develop your own “voice” with flair and substance.
  3. Spin your site/biz/SELF into a unique position.
  4. Honestly convince people to trust and like you.

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