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How To Boost Affiliate Marketing With Article Writing

Written By: SiteSell in Affiliate Marketing | September 13, 2010

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re doing affiliate marketing but you haven’t tapped into the article submission world, you’re missing out on an excellent way to earn commissions.

Top article submission sites have a major online presence. They’re visited by thousands of Webmasters daily looking for fresh content. There’s outstanding traffic potential here… if you know how to work it.

Submitting articles helps you grow your affiliate business in a viral fashion. First, a caveat. Avoid writing articles about Internet marketing. The topic is over-saturated and articles tend to get moved down the list quickly. It’s very hard to break through the noise and cynicism in this category.

Also, writing and submitting articles is not about using your affiliate link within the content. The best article submission Web sites don’t even allow you to include affiliate links in the article body.

Write articles about your primary areas of interest where you are knowledgeable about, and with an idea how you’ll tie it into your affiliate product offers. When you submit an article on a particular topic, watch the “views” it gets. This will give you an excellent indicator as to its popularity.

Browse through the categories at one or more of the top article sites. Choose a category that appeals to you and ties in with your affiliate marketing strategies. At the end of your article, add something personal about you and mention what makes you an “authority” on your topic. Then in your sig file, keep the theme about you going and include a link to your Web site.

Your sig file essentially PREsells you. The sig file is subtle, yet very effective, particularly if your article offers useful information that turns you into a credible source on the subject.

Just think what would happen if you multiplied your efforts, submitting your article to several article sites, and wrote one to three unique articles per week. Imagine what that could do for your affiliate marketing business over a period of time!

Article submissions are a viral way to do affiliate marketing. The wider your article is distributed, the more frequently your Web site will be displayed. In short, write a great article. More Webmasters will pick it up and spread your word for you. The process is pure C-T-P-M.

The content (C) is your article. The traffic (T) comes from submitting to multiple article sites. Over time, the viral effect kicks in as dozens of Webmasters use your content on their sites and e-zines.

The PREsell (P) comes into play as you offer useful advice to a target audience. Then you monetize (M) by adding your Web site URL in your sig file which leads to pages where you offer affiliate products.

If you regularly write quality articles, readers will visit your Web site and read more of your helpful, informative content and see your affiliate marketing offers. Writing articles helps build your credibility, so when they do visit your site and click on your recommendations, they’ll be more open and willing to buy.

Learn more how you can turn your affiliate marketing efforts up a notch.

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