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First SiteSell Facebook Live Session on Nov 24!

Written By: Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell) in Ken's Blog | November 12, 2010

Ken’s Blog

There is a lively buzz happening at SiteSell Facebook (“SSFB”). It’s a great and growing community that’s ready to do something exciting and educational.

Are you ready? Here it is… our first “SiteSell Facebook Live Q&A Session.” This first session is “An Hour With Ken” where I answer your questions personally.

Head over to SiteSell Facebook…

Click the “Like” button and then familiarize yourself with the page…

  • browse through the Wall posts, SBIer photo albums, etc.
  • ask or answer a question, share achievements or concerns, etc.
  • make new friends (SBIers and others) from all over the world.

As you’ll see, SiteSell Facebook is always worth a visit, even without any “special” events going on. That being said… our very first live Q&A Session is, well, special.

How Does This Work?

You ask your question by commenting on the announcement. That’s all you have to do (aside from thinking up a good question, of course!). 🙂

The SSFB Team collects all questions and posts them in the “Notes” section of SSFB. We do this because the Wall scrolls posts down and out-of-sight pretty quickly. Reposting them to “Notes” keeps them all in one place.

This way, you can easily see if your question has been asked by someone else already. Or scanning the questions might trigger an “Aha” moment, when a question pops into your head that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Visitors who review the questions will click “Like” for the ones that they would like to see me answer. They may also add comments, of course, supporting their Likes.

The 5 questions that gain the most “traction” (Likes and comments) will be answered by me personally, in-depth.

How do you get your question answered? You know that old saying?…

“There Are Three Types of People in This World: Those Who Make Things Happen… Those Who Watch Things Happen… and Those Who Wonder What Happened.”

Well, don’t just hope that others will “Like” your question. Make it happen. Tell your Facebook friends about it and ask them to “Like” your question. Here’s how…

Each question is re-posted by the SSFB Team as its own, separate Note. Find yours, and then click on your question to go to your Note, which has its own URL.

Copy-and-paste that URL when telling your Facebook friends about your question. This is important — the URL links them directly to your question.

Ask them to “Like” it. Ask them, too, to add their own comments (ex., “Brilliant question, I want to know this too.”) Of course, you’ll get more support if it actually is a great question. 🙂

I will answer the 5 questions that gain the most support. So the voting period (Liking/commenting) must end two days (48 hours exactly) prior to the event. That gives me time to prepare 5 good answers.

On the day of the Live Q&A Session, the whole SSFB team and I will be present for one hour. I’ll post my 5 answers to the winning questions at the very beginning.

And here’s something that I’m really looking forward to… anyone can ask more questions during that hour (including follow-up questions to my 5 answers). I obviously can’t answer all of the questions that arise during the actual event, so I’ll pick some to answer, while the Team members answer the rest, all of this occurring “live.”

We’ll also post answers to all questions that had been asked throughout the week. No question will go un-answered.

Add This Special Event to Your Schedule

So, you might be wondering by now, where and when is this first SiteSell Facebook Live Q&A Session? Calendar this…

Wednesday, 24th of November
12 noon ET

Voting ends on the 22nd of November, 12 noon ET.

Meet you on the 24th!

All the best,

Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)
Ken Evoy is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell Inc. He is the creator of SBI!, SiteSell's comprehensive Web business-building system. Ken is also a successful inventor, author, and emergency physician. He feels strongly that solopreneurs can be empowered by leveraging their income building potential online.
Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)

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