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How Do You Recognize A Good Niche?

Written By: SiteSell in Niche Selection | November 29, 2010

Niche Selection

The rest of your business rides on your choice of a niche or theme. SBI! calls this a "Site Concept."

A Site Concept is a keyword (ex., "Anguilla" or "Anguilla villas"). You use it as a focus for writing the information or content of your home page.

It is also the central theme, the niche, upon which you will base all of your site's content. That's how you create a "Theme-Based Content Site." Every page that you write will be about a topic that is related to your Site Concept. Each one of those topical pages focuses on a "Specific Keyword."

So what makes a great niche or Site Concept? Consider the following factors.  The niche must…

1) Be in demand. A reasonable number of people must be searching for information about your theme. If your theme is too narrow, there is not enough demand for you to monetize, even if your entire (too tiny) market finds you!

2) Be not be too broad. If your niche is too broad, the competition will be severe. It will be difficult to win or reach top rankings at the Search Engines for this theme's keywords. For example, it is impossible to "own" the theme of "travel." Leave those super-broad themes to companies like

Those who find you for a narrower niche will be highly targeted. They will be much more interested in your content. It is far easier to PREsell those searching for topics ("keywords") related to narrow themes than broad ones.

3) Excite you. Choose something that you know and love (or that you are willing to find out more about). If you do that, writing lots of information-packed content pages becomes an easy pleasure instead of work. Think "passion" and "knowledge" — if you have it, it will shine in your content.

4) Deliver high "Return On Investment" potential. It must offer excellent options for monetizing traffic to your site. This ensures the ROI you want. Make every visitor to your site a possible income-generator.

5) Be in sync with the time you have available to work on your site (i.e., if you only have 1 hour per week to work on your new business, don't tackle a highly competitive niche.

Bottom line on choosing your niche or theme?…

It takes just as much time to build a low-potential business as a high-potential one. So invest the time now, get the niche or Site Concept right (with the help of SBI!), and you will maximize your returns later, earning far more income per hour invested down the road.

Most people fail in any business because they don't plan adequately. If you pick the wrong concept for your site, if you develop the wrong topics for your Web pages… you'll get the wrong results…

No traffic = No income.

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