Network Marketing – What Is Your Most Wanted Response?

Written By: SiteSell in Network Marketing | November 16, 2010

Network Marketing

Part two of our Network Marketing series revealed what it takes to succeed online as a network marketer… build an information rich content site that attracts targeted visitors every day. Give your visitors what they are looking for (high quality information) and they will call you.

The dynamics are reversed. Instead of you chasing after potential customers or leads, your pre-qualified website visitors contact you because they want more information. The battle is half won already… however, there are still some pitfalls to avoid.

Let’s look at an example to illustrate…

Imagine you’re a 55 year old male with a prostate problem, and you’ve just joined Melaleuca (a solidly run company). You’ve read a lot about prostatism so share this knowledge by creating a terrific site with this theme.

Develop a website blueprint for your site and fill it with Keyword-Focused Content Pages (KFCPs). You’ll attract targeted free traffic from the Search Engines (SEs) — your own pre-qualified leads who come to you, not the other way around. The content credentializes you as a sharing, generous expert, by OVERdelivering quality information in response to a SE query, about a problem that concerns your visitor.

What’s the next step?

  • Get them to fill out a form for your free CD-ROM?

  • Send them with a link over to your online store to buy your anti-prostate products?

  • Get them to sign up for your Melaleuca business opportunity?

No, no, and no. All fatal.

Just as you were developing a warm and trusting connection, you ruined it all. For example, "regular" people don’t have CD-ROMs to offer. And despite the "warm and fuzzy" feelings, your visitor is not ready to join a Network Marketing biz-opp. It all ends up "smelling" like a pitch.

Do you duplicate pages already provided by your company? Another no-no. That’s the kiss of death. Adapt some of the content, if you like. But don’t use it verbatim.

Should you even mention the company you represent or the products that you will try to sell? Not now. Do this later, once the person contacts you. Here’s why…

1) It’s too soon — blatantly selling "MLM" products or recruiting your downline in an aggressive fashion does not work on the Net, no matter how much traffic your site gets. It’s just too soon to go for the sale.

2) You’ll stay out of trouble with both your company and the government. Your company must live by all sorts of government regulations and can’t allow you to make all sorts of claims. And the government won’t allow you to do the same. So don’t.

So What Do You Do Instead?

Your goal is for your visitors to contact you, to WANT to speak to you. So create a great content site. Become an expert in your little niche, in your visitors’ eyes.

Once you have someone on your site, reading your content, building some trust and interest in you, continue to be patient. Build a pipeline of warm leads…

  • Encourage folks to call or e-mail you if they have any questions. You’d be glad to answer them.

  • Build trust through the publication of a high quality newsletter. And again, in your newsletter, invite them to call or e-mail if they have questions.

Put a yellow memo sticker on your screen monitor…

My "Most Wanted Response" is… "Contact Me."

THAT is what Network Marketing is all about! Find out how SBI! can help you succeed with Network Marketing.

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