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Personal Photos and Your Unique Voice

Written By: SiteSell in Content & Article Writing | November 14, 2010

Content & Article Writing

Let’s consider this two-part question about adding content for your website…

Do family pics on a site look amateurish?

Does race [in those pictures] matter?

Sharp family pictures, positioned well and in context, foster trust/credibility in your visitors’ minds and contribute to your “unique voice.” Amateurish? Not a concern, unless the quality of your photos is poor.

The second part of the question is not quite so straightforward. Its answer lies in the Reality Theory (by Robert Ringer)….

Reality isn’t the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be, but the way they actually are. Either you acknowledge reality and use it to your benefit, or it will automatically work against you.

If I was the least bit worried about a picture of the color of my skin, of my spouses’s skin, of the location of our business, of, of, of (etc.)… if I was worried about any of this affecting the online business I was planning, after reading the Reality Theory, I would…

1) Decide what my e-business is all about, who my customers are, and what likely matters to them.

2) Gather all the demographic stats that relate to my online business and how I plan to monetize. If the stats indicated the potential for bias damaging my business…

3) Decide if my monetization models match my personal willingness to hide my ethnicity, language (and any other variable here that should not matter but likely will according to your stats).

I use the word “hide” because using personal pictures are a good thing. Giving a real-world address is, too. So not showing things you normally would/should do, due to bias, is “hiding.” I use that word without tone or connotation.

4) If you cannot stomach hiding what you would normally put on your site, you have two choices (assuming you do not want to change your business to one with the goal of changing attitudes)….

a) Accept that you will have a smaller market (your keyword research should tell you how much smaller) and use your pictures.

b) Re-adjust your voice and positioning until you are happy and comfortable with how your Site Concept, voice and positioning all match your audience and how you monetize your traffic.

You may even emerge with a better business than your first “generic” pass at it. You might even choose to target a certain demographic as a target market. Don’t mistake that for racism — it’s merely an interesting sub-niche.

If that choice matches strong feelings, you almost certainly will be happier and more excited about your online business. And while it may be a smaller demographic, like any more highly targeted niche, it may be easier to build a real following… to really PREsell.

Bottom Line?

There is no right and perfect answer to the question, “Does race [in your family photos] matter?” Your priority is to recognize reality and decide how YOU want to reply to it.

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