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Social Media Tips – Become The Butterfly That Stings Like a Bee

Written By: SiteSell in Social Media | November 26, 2010

Social Media

When reading social media tips, you might have heard the term “social media butterfly.” But a butterfly that stings like a bee? Where does this originate, and – more importantly – how do you become one?

Do you remember prize-fighting boxer Muhammad Ali’s slogan to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"? This slogan has become what many business people aspire to in terms of marketing. Precise expertise with a bit of flair is a one-two punch combination that moves beyond boxing and straight into the realm of online marketing.

What’s more is that you don’t even have to fight! Phew!

While Ali’s marketing style was considered too brash and assertive by many, social media marketing requires you to be outgoing but with a much calmer approach.

Social media is an approach that lets groups create content they’re interested in together and then share it with others. Social media marketing is about leveraging those sites for finding and keeping in touch with your customers and prospects.

Social media butterflies are naturally attractive to their niches because of the valuable content that they provide and the relationships that come from their willingness to share. Fluttering over here, they build community. Fluttering over there, they make friends.

Look over there: it’s the rare social media butterfly that delivers value!

How do you deliver value? By following SBI!’s Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize approach…

Let’s take a look at how this works…

C: Encourage presold visitors to cite your content

T: Attract new and repeat visitors from third party sites

P: Build meaningful relationships faster with deep links that address your visitor’s pains and problems

M: Shorten your sales funnel with more ready-to-buy visitors ready to deliver your "Most Wanted Response."

Where can you find social media? There are sites like…

  • FaceBook

  • Twitter

  • Flickr

  • Plurk

  • FriendFeed

  • MySpace

  • Ning

And, if you are an SBI! owner, you can use its Content 2.0 module to turn your own site into a social media platform, where visitors share their stories, images or videos and comment on them.

The common factor with each of these sites is that your ideal visitors may want to know you but aren’t ready to make themselves known to you… yet. Promoting your site, and having others also spread the word, allows them to save your site for later viewing as well as share with their friends.

Either way, they want to check you out, so spread those social media butterfly wings and allow them to do so!

Find out how SBI! can help you live life on your own terms with a profitable e-business that leverages the power of social media.

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