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The Hidden, and Best, Reason for Using Facebook and Twitter

Written By: SiteSell in Guest Blogs by SBIers | November 17, 2010

Guest Blogs by SBIers

By Nick Usborne from

If you have a website, hopefully you also have Facebook and Twitter accounts for that site.

For example, I have both a dedicated Facebook page and a Twitter account for my website.

I use them slightly differently. I use Facebook to engage as many coffee lovers as I can. I use Twitter primarily as a means to reach out to others in the coffee industry – coffee roasters and retailers in particular.

Being active in social media – and by that I also include sites like YouTube, Flickr and others – has certainly helped me spread the word about

But beyond all that, there is a hidden, but hugely valuable reason why I am so happy with my involvement in social media.

Social media is about the moment. It’s about now. It’s a constant, fast-flowing stream.

As a result, the most successful Twitter streams and Facebook walls are updated daily, sometimes several times a day.

And as a result of that, I have to remain engaged not only with social media, but also with my own website every single day.

For me, that’s a bit of a change.

For the first few months, back in 2006, I worked every day on After that, I slowed down. Like everyone else, I get busy with other stuff.

Just prior to creating my Facebook page, and excluding the handling of Content 2.0 submissions (included in my SBI! subscription for, I was probably spending only a few minutes a week on the site.

Content 2.0 is SBI!’s Web 2.0 proprietary
platform, which enables my visitors to add
full content web pages with text, images,
video, etc. to my site. These pages deliver
long-tail search traffic, build community and
spread virally.

It was growing, so nothing was “wrong.”

But when I created the Facebook page, I realized I would have to start working on the page, and on my site, every day. If you want to do well with social media, you have to remain engaged daily.

The result? Traffic to my site has significantly increased over the last few months. A small part of that can be attributed to traffic coming in directly from my Facebook page. I imagine there have been some SEO benefits too.

But I believe most of that new traffic is arriving because I am doing a lot more with the site itself. I am adding a lot of new pages, updating old pages, and generally being more active with the site.

In other words, social media is working well for my site primarily because it is forcing me to work harder on the site.

There are plenty of good reasons to get involved with social media, but for me, this has been the most beneficial of them all.

This is a guest post by Nick Usborne. Nick is an industry expert on writing for the web, the proud owner of, and the founder of A special, discounted membership rate for Web Content Cafe is available to SBI! owners through the Resources HQ.

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