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Where’s the Science in the SBI! Forums?

Written By: Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell) in Ken's Blog | November 18, 2010

Ken’s Blog

The SBI! Forums are the best “help and be helped” e-business forums in the world. I absolutely love watching some folks who know little start their SBI! experience with some of the most basic questions possible. Within a few months, they’re still asking, but they are also answering some questions. And after a while longer, they’re answering questions they never knew existed!

“Help and be helped.”

The SBI! Forums are also a great place for new ideas and strategies. SBIers push the SBI! envelope.

Say, for example, an SBIer discovers a clever new Content 2.0 strategy. She describes it well enough for others to understand and follow the steps, using her own actual SBI! site as the example. The claimed results may be obvious (ex., “1,000 new pages over the past 6 months”) or perhaps less verifiable (ex., “5,000 new subscribers” or “traffic increased from 500 to 1500 per day”).

Either way, we verify claims since all site-related data is in the SBI! database.

And so, information that started with one cutting edge SBIer ends up as an article in one of the article/resource HQs, ready to help everyone do better. It helps everyone perform at a high level.

This in short, is a simplified version of what is known as the “scientific method”….

Naturally, we don’t need to take it to the full degree of rigorousness of a cancer study. But the basic concept, when applied to Internet business practices, is much further ahead of any other group that I know of online (which rely, in general, upon the “anecdote with unknown agenda”).

This data-based, rigorous approach starts with our own sales sites, which contain proof that you won’t find anywhere else. This method has refined the Action Guide‘s format-and-process over 10 years into written, video and mobile formats outlining a process that has been perfected (and then improved!). And finally, it continues into the forums, where serious SBIers add new ideas….

Many such strategies are superbly original, pushing the envelope in a way we had not foreseen. Just as importantly, they “keep it real.” And finally, they are sufficiently described that they can be corroborated by other SBIers who repeat the process on their own sites.

Finally, when refined and proven, they become articles in one of the SBI! HQs.

The SBI! Forums have this terrific sense of working together. My favorite example is niche-twittering. An idea first forwarded by SBIer Nick Usborne (as far as I know), other SBIers added to it here and there over the following days/weeks.

Frankly, I had become jaded by the “you follow me and I’ll follow you” world of Twitter-marketing. It was SBIers who reframed what Twitter really could be. What they said made sense. And their experiences backed up the concept. Finally, I experimented with it on And it became a “niche-twittering” article in the TNT HQ.

No GRQ here. No crazy schemes. Just common-sense niche-networking. Thanks to SBIers.

Bottom line? While most forums lose the few pearls that occur to posterity (since no one’s sorting out good from bad, let alone saving the best), the SBI! Forums use the scientific method to pull ideas and experience together into articles that work.

It’s not perfect, of course…

From time to time, folks publish strategies in the SBI! Forums that either don’t work or are spammy (i.e., don’t “keep it real”) and in fact will hurt you in the long run, or have some other fatal flaw.

Most are well-meaning but ill-advised. Others, unfortunately, have the same motives as regular forums. You most likely never see these — they get edited or locked.

The moderators watch for such posts. It’s one of their major contributions that keep the quality of these forums so high, that keep SBIers from going down the wrong trails. After all, there are tons of those trails outside of these forums.

This is one reason why many of the forum guidelines exist (for example, you must have 200 posts to give name and URL of 3rd party resources that you feel are effective).

Most SBIers who are corrected in this manner accept it in the spirit intended, understanding the motives. Some don’t. Some grow indignant. Sooner or later, some of “the indignant” do understand.

Those who never do? They are usually the ones with the ulterior motives. They refund and move on. Occasionally, we’ll see that person post in some other forum that “SBI! is a cult and that you must follow the same way of thinking.”

At SBI!, we only publish what is honest (no tricks, scams, spam, etc.), what has been well-documented and what many SBIers corroborate as effective.

You could consider that “SBI!-approved,” I guess. But it’s more accurate to consider it “scientifically proven.”

All the best,

Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)
Ken Evoy is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell Inc. He is the creator of SBI!, SiteSell's comprehensive Web business-building system. Ken is also a successful inventor, author, and emergency physician. He feels strongly that solopreneurs can be empowered by leveraging their income building potential online.
Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)

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