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Money or Passion, What Motivates You?

Written By: SiteSell in Niche Selection | December 18, 2010

Niche Selection

Passion is what makes most people successful. From Steve Jobs, to Richard Branson, to Warren Buffett, "passion" is one of the must-haves for most people to have success in business. The reason is simple…

As anyone building a business (e-biz or offline) will tell you, it's hard work. It's worth it, in the end, of course. But it's hard work. You work for less than minimal wage at first. You aren't sure, really truly sure that it's "going to work"… until it does.

What pulls you through?


Now imagine doing all that effort without passion…

Let's say your keyword research finds a lucrative field in niche "xyz." Good demand, winnable Supply (i.e., acceptable level of competition), and strong AdSense potential for enough keywords. But…

You couldn't care less about niche "xyz," as long as someone paid you (and by definition, someone will if you can make it work). So what's the problem? Well…

Do you know who you are competing against?

People with passion.

Do you know who ultimately succeeds in business? Those who add value.

In the short run, you might outperform those folks (who have passion) for a while. Your content, though, may not be as sharp and original as it would be if the niche was super-exciting for you.

The time to go the money-motivated route is after you've done your first site/e-business, the one that was passion-based. Why? Because you've done the learning curve (which passion gets you through). You'll be amazed at how much easier your next e-business is to do.

Best advice?

If you do find such an "xyz" niche for your second site, try to get passionate about it. Read all you can. Join forums. Network on Facebook.

Are you starting to love it? Or at least, "like it a lot?"

If you can't get enthusiastic about it, it's going to be harder to keep doing the efforts required for long term success…

Remember, you don't know what those who love this area do.  A lack of passion shows.

Best advice?

Always think through your niche choices. Consider carefully what will work for you short term and long term?

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