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Written By: SiteSell in Traffic Generation | December 27, 2010

Traffic Generation

What role does tweeting play in driving free targeted web traffic to your Web site? Google shows tweets in the SE results, according to this blog post.

Being found for a tweet at Google is kind of like being found for a blog post, except the effect is even more short-lived. The odds are that if you do manage to get a tweet into the Top 10 for a search result, it’s not likely to be long-lived and it’s more likely to be a long tail search.

So we’re not talking about a huge difference to your free targeted web traffic. But there are a few things you might as well do to get it right. And getting it right can also contribute to a more important aspect of traffic generation… your site reputation. A link to your site from the “home page” of your Twitter account is worth something if you Twitter.

The more you establish your niche-twittering as both relevant and good, the more authoritative your Twitter account will be considered. And remember, it links to your Web site. One more point for your site.

How to be relevant is pretty straightforward…

  • use your keywords in your Twitter profile

  • use your keywords in your tweets

  • set up your username and account name wisely, making it as close to your domain name as possible

  • link to key content on your site, AND non-competitive sites in the same niche

  • follow relevant Twitterers

  • build relevant followers

How to be considered “good/authoritative” is also pretty obvious…

  • keep it real, create great tweets

  • build up followers (which count as inbound links)

  • get some links to your Twitter account (ex., include your Twitter URL in articles when you’re doing article marketing)

  • create great posts that get re-tweets

  • maximize your relevant follower/followed ratio

We talk about the concept of niche-twittering in our article series “How To Use Twitter For Your Online Business Success.”

Where does niche-twittering lie in terms of importance with other techniques?…

  1. Building a well-balanced inbound links program is far more important. If you just don’t have the time or inclination to niche-twitter, it’s not critical to success. It’s just one more point that can establish you and your SBI! site in your niche. And it may bring you a little search traffic. But most of that will disappear almost as soon as you stop tweeting.

  2. Use niche-twittering before blogging because it’s so much less work. Anyone really can be a decent twitterer. Blogging is a much bigger undertaking/commitment, is also time-sensitive, and should only be used if your business model is news or punditry.

All in all, niche-twittering can be a nice adjunct if you have the time and interest to do it. It can be fun to establish contact with those in your field. And unexpected big benefits can result… media coverage, joint ventures, etc.

The biggest caveat is, as always…

Don’t get sucked into a huge time waste. Find out how SBI! can help you to get more free targeted web traffic, a critical component for every successful e-business.

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