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12 Tips For Writing Headlines That Work!

Written By: SiteSell in Content & Article Writing | January 7, 2011

Content & Article Writing

1) Use strong active verbs (ex., slash, chop, stagger, etc.) to create powerful headlines with emotional impact… headlines that push your customer’s hottest buttons!

2) Never accept your first stab at a headline — keep improving until it’s as good as it can be.  You “nailed it”!

3) Stir an emotion. Get the reader excited or fearful or protective.

4) Use the present tense, or the imperative. It is far more emphatic. Use “you.”

5) Use words, preferably short, that create images or pictures.

6) The headline must stand on its own. Your visitor must understand where the following text is going.

7) Don’t care about what non-targets think of your headline. Don’t write for them — you’re not after them. Focus on your target.

8) Ask a question that begs to be answered.

9) Make only believable promises — don’t get carried away with hype.

10) Use upper and lower case letters (typical title-style), NOT ALL CAPS (screams).

11) Maintain a consistent color and size for all your headlines.

12) Sometimes, where appropriate and for extra credibility, put a headline inside quotation marks (ex., “The Most Powerful Word Processor Yet”).

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