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Written By: SiteSell in Traffic Generation | January 31, 2011

Traffic Generation

With Google’s “Universal Search,” the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) blend together results from Web page search, blog search, news search, image search, video search, book search and local search.

Each of these special searches are known as doing “vertical search.” However, not many people actually used these special searches so Google now blends them into its general, “front door” results to give the best search experience possible.

Expect (over time) a progressive extension, using more of a certain vertical when a search seems to be asking for it (ex., local) and more of another one when a search is asking for something else (ex., “pictures of something”).

Google has made a conscious trade-off, knowing that some folks won’t want “vertical” for many searches. Google stands to show more ads on the next SERP when folks click, searching just a bit deeper. More ads. More revenue for Google!

Of course, your first reaction (as a Google user) is likely, “Hooray, a better search experience!” And if enough users feel that way, then it’s good for you, too, in the long run. And that’s because you don’t play the SEO game. Instead, you follow the SBI! Carrow Tarrow Parrow M process and keep it real.

And as Google gets older and smarter, it just gets better at rewarding those who do indeed keep it real, with quality.

On a more specific level, you now also have a better chance of making it to the top of the first (general) results page for properly optimized images, and into the top 30 results for optimized videos on your site, as the video in the screenshot above did. Ditto, if your website is for your local business. Why?

Because more people will be doing an “image search” by accident, so to speak. If your image is chosen, that’s traffic you would not have had.

So you now have more ways to land your site in the first 30 results…

1) Great content.

2) Optimized images.

3) Optimized videos.

Reach for the top!

And for more tips about Traffic Generation, watch this 3 minute SBI! video…

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