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SBI! Owners Think and Do “Business”

Written By: SiteSell in E-Business Tips | January 16, 2011

Many people focus on making short-term dollars on the Net. Until folks get beyond the "make money online" stage, they are merely treading water. Their feet may be paddling like crazy, but they basically remain in the same place.

SBI! attracts people who think differently. They focus their thoughts on "business"… on building a serious, long-term, profitable businesses with equity. SBI! owners understand that you really want to do much more than just "make money online."

SBI! instills in you the mindset of a successful businessperson… 

1) It takes motivation, self-determination and effort to succeed. Think and breathe business.

2) Understand first, act second. Do not skip any part of the SBI! Action Guide. Successful SBIers will tell you the Action Guide is like their "Business Bible."

3) Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you think you have all the answers, you will end up taking steps backward at some point.

4) Be open to constructive criticism and take the points that you believe will move you forward in your own e-business.

5) Watch for the "traffic hump" and find your own way to get over it. Don't let non-productive suggestions mislead you. Stay in that mindset of an e-business owner.

6) Building an online business takes time. Don't compare and measure your standards to others. You are you. Set your own pace.

7) Give yourself an overall realistic plan – one year, three, five, or more? If you need money quickly, find other ways right now. Slowly build your online business on your passion and knowledge, and use the tools provided in SBI!. The truth is that success won't happen overnight, but if you stay motivated, remain focused on the Action Guide, work hard, and stick with the entire process, you will become a successful businessperson.

It is totally up to you and you alone. Those days when you aren't motivated (and there will be some), step away, clear your head, and refocus yourself on your long-range plan.

8) Follow the SBI! Action Guide and the C arrow T arrow P arrow M methodology. The "M" will happen and that snowball will begin to roll. The possibilities of monetizing on the Internet are numerous. Find the monetization modules that will work well for your own niche.

9) A successful SBI! Tortoise never moves quickly. Go step by step to win your business race.

10) Be a doer not a talker, go that extra mile, and take the bumps in the road as a learning experience.

Successful online-business-building is all about following the right process and smart work. Do things right the first time, step by step… and good things happen.

Are you ready to start thinking differently and use SBI! to build a long-term, flourishing e-business with equity? Are you ready to start "A New Day"?

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