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The Mobile Search – Facebook Page Connection for Local Businesses

Written By: SiteSell in Traffic Generation | February 13, 2011

Traffic Generation

What is the single most important thing you need to understand about mobile usage and search? And by mobile, we mean smart phones (iPhone, Android, others that build that type of capability into their phones).

It’s all about how and why folks use their phones.

Mobile is about “short and sweet and now.” Or as Seth Godin said, it’s about “where to eat, who’s near me, what’s the weather, get me a cab right now — is all about me and now and here.”

Websites are still about traffic-building through search engines, because those folks are sitting down, searching for stuff, ready to invest more time in that type of research.

Meanwhile, social marketing is an adjunct to traffic-building and PREselling, not a replacement…

Folks will “do social” on a mobile, but few are going to spend an hour or two researching their next vacation (they may, though, buy their airline tickets during the train ride to work).

The “why and how” is why mobile is important for local business. It won’t replace your Facebook page and/or website about your local business, but it will drive traffic to them. So if yours is a local business, do set up the basics, such as a Google Places listing, since someone will spend 5 minutes looking for a local landscaper or pizza.

If you remember that mobile is about “me and now and here,” if you remember how/why folks use mobile, you will understand how you use mobile to drive traffic to your business and it will all fall into place.

So… mobile is one more reason to start a Facebook business (fan) page that serves as an adjunct to your website, which remains the core of a Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize (“CTPM”)-based e-business. But mobile search not going to replace what drives your business… free, organic, search engine traffic.

Mobile is not “the business.” It’s just one more thing that folks can now do while walking down a street, riding on the bus, etc. (quick search, text messages, purchases, games, Facebook). This point is important to understand. “Catch” those folks via your Facebook page, yes. They’ll “like” you…

Later, when they’re at home, they’ll see a post from your Facebook business page. That’s when they’ll come to your website, learn more about your local business and convert into customers due to your PREselling efforts.

P.S. Not sure how a Facebook business page works? Check out this short SiteSell YouTube video.

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