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Cute Animal Picture For Engagement? If it fits…

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices | May 27, 2013

It is no secret that cute animal pictures get extremely high engagement (likes and comments) on Facebook. That can be frustrating when you are trying to run a serious business and need to compete with the likes of kittens and puppies. But why not take advantage of it occasionally when it fits? 


What's cuter than one baby turtle? 4 of them!   

– Jill

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Facebook Lessons

If you are running a Facebook page for business, you want to keep it closely related to your topic most of the time. Unrelated posts may prompt your fans to hide them in their Newsfeed or even unlike your Page. And yet, it is tempting to make cute animal posts that tend to get maximum traction, such as the photo of baby turtles that Jill used in our example. 

A single post with a large number of likes can have a positive effect on your future reach as fans who have recently liked one of your posts are more likely to see your future posts. Facebook is a rather informal platform, so the occasional slightly off-topic post doesn't necessarily feel out of place. 

When you do use posts as the one above, make sure that it ties at least losely into your business. With the tortoise being SiteSell's mascot for its slow but persistent progress, the image Jill chose fits well. 

So try to think outside the box for your posts every once in a while and boost engagement with your audience. Just don't overdo it…

How This Post Could've Been Made Better

Jill could've tried to add a few sentences to tie the post more tightly to our marketing message. A mention of why the tortoise is SiteSell's maskot would've reminded fans of the reason for the post and made it even more memorable. When you make a post that is not closely related to your business, make an extra effort to tie it into your marketing message. If a tie-in is not easily possible, it's probably a sign that your post strayed too far from your topic. 

All the best,

The SiteSell Facebook Team


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