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One Mistake To Avoid At Facebook

Written By: SiteSell in How Not To Post | June 25, 2013

At Facebook, you need to make your point fast. Otherwise you’ll lose your readers’ interest and they move on to the next item in their Newsfeed. Some guides even advise to keep your status updates under 100 characters, shorter than your average tweet.

Our experience from hundreds of posts proves that longer posts can do just as well as short ones… if you don’t make that same mistake we are going to show you in today’s lesson.


decorating, grouping like items together is said to look less like
clutter and more like a small collection. Since I collect lighthouses,
angels and clocks, I took this advice to try to create that effect in my

This same advice can be true for your website. If you
find that when discussing concepts related to your main site concept
that one becomes an area where you see potential to stand alone, it may be time to branch off and create another site with that theme.

You can then group your sites together in a web of sites by linking
between them. It keeps focus on your main site concept and provides
outgoing links to related concepts (links to your own related sites).
Some SBIers have found several related concepts that can stand alone and
develop their own web of sites. This is a great strategy!

Sometimes we get so involved in building more content for our main site
that we overlook this. A good review of your site and some additional
Brainstorming can help you identify a possible stand-alone concept. If
you have significant content for your main site concept already, then go
for it!

It’s time to think about branching off into a new
site using a theme that you’ve identified as capable of standing alone.
This is part of taking your site to the next level. It can make your
site look less “cluttered” and more like a “collection.” – Cheryl

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Facebook Lesson

Cheryl’s topic is spot on for our audience of website and online business owners. She also uses proven techniques in her post…

  • She uses an analogy to drive home her point.
  • She enhances the post with a fitting image.

So why does the post flop in terms of engagement and reach numbers? How could it be improved? Three steps…

1) Start with a strong headline…

Is It Time For You To Branch Off Into A Second Web Site?

2) Answer the question “what can I learn from this post?” in the first paragraph or two…

In decorating, grouping like items together is said to look less like clutter and more like a small collection. The same advice can be applied to your website. Take a moment to review your current site content. If you’ve written 100+ pages, chances are that there is a sub-theme in there that you could spin off into its own income-generating site.

3) End the post with a call to action, tailored to your most wanted response.

Option A) If your most wanted response is to get the click to your landing or product page…

So, is it time for you to take your site to the next level? For a real-life example how to create your own brand of sites, check out Elad’s case study…

Option B) If your most wanted response is to get your fans to comment on your post…

Are you ready to branch off and take your online business to the next level? Let us know in a comment.

When you draft your next post, remember these guidelines…

Start strong. Get to the point fast. Tell you fans what you want them to do.

All the best,

The SiteSell Facebook Team


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