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Talking About Yourself On Facebook – Good Or Bad?

Written By: SiteSell in Solid Performers | June 2, 2013

When you use social networks for business, talking about yourself is usually not a recommended strategy. Your fan, follower or subscriber should be front and center in the content you share. Does this apply to your Facebook Page too? Let's find out how well this example of a self-referential post does on Facebook.

Curious minds want to know…how do you handle interruptions when you are trying to work on your site?

I find it terribly annoying when someone speaks to me when I am trying
to write. However my sister-in-law keeps calm and carries on even with
two children and a baby making a noise in the background, the TV on and
her husband gaming on his PC! I don't know how she does it. I would be
tearing my hair out!

Are you able to ignore everything going on around you, or like me do you need peace and quiet to work?

– Carol

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Facebook Lesson

Compared to other status updates (i.e. pure text posts) we made during that time period, Carol's post got fewer likes, but more comments. It reached a decent amount of people and therefore falls into our category of "solid performers."

In a recent study with a database of 1.3 million posts, Dan Zarrella found that "In contrast to other social media platforms, posts with a high number of self referential words (like "I" and "me") tended to get more likes."

Zarrella created an excellent infographic about the results from his comprehensive study. It's well worth checking out.

Despite its 5 mentions of "I", "me" or "my", our example didn't get more likes than comparable posts with less self references. On the other hand, it wasn't a purely self referential post. Carol actually started her post with a question addressed to our audience, and then used her own example to give the question more context.

It's worth putting Zarrella's findings to the test. Experiment with posts about yourself. Depending on the niche you are in, you could share a funny picture or story about how you started your business. Or you could talk about an achievement you are specifically proud of. Or perhaps you share what you like to do in your free time.

You know your audience and industry best. So use your judgment to decide how personal you want to go.

All the best,

The SiteSell Facebook Team




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