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A Simple Technique To Double Your Facebook Likes And Grow Website Traffic

Written By: SiteSell in Best Practices | October 1, 2013
Guest post by Kurt Schmitt from

If you’ve been trying to grow your Facebook page organically (without paid
ads), but it seems like it’s stuck in first gear, I know the feeling. It
took me about three years to get just under 400 Likes for my page. I did everything the “experts” said I should do, short of running paid ads.
I posted relevant and engaging content, and I used my website to encourage
visitors to Like the page, but it wasn’t working. I needed to do something

Shortly after deciding that I wanted Facebook to be a big part of my
marketing mix, I forged alliances with a number of other Facebook page
owners. The result of that was several thousand page views and hundreds of
Likes for pages on my website.

In addition, I more than doubled the 400 Likes on my Facebook Page. What had
initially taken me three years to achieve, took less than two months to
double, and I was now finally close to breaking 1,000 Likes.

How did I achieve this? I used a twist on an old technique. The basic
premise breaks down like this…

Find other Facebook Page owners who have an audience, and offer them
something of value that helps them grow that audience. Then, create a
central piece of content on your own website that promotes these Facebook Pages that each page owner can share.

What I did was reach out to 14 Facebook Page owners who I knew wanted more
Likes and said something to the effect of… “I have a way that will get us
all more Likes. If you’d like to participate, let me know.”

Here’s the actual message (using the “message” feature within FB) I sent to
a Page owner who had 12,000+ Likes…

Greetings! Kurt from here.

I love what you’re doing with your Facebook page and I’d like to help you
(and other cat pages) get more Likes (while helping my readers and myself in
the process).
A while back you posted at BlogPaws in the Facebook Page Swap thread. I
didn’t get a lot of Likes from that and I know that many others didn’t
either. I’d like to help every cat lover on that list get more FB love via a
round-up post.

If you’d like a super easy way to get more exposure for your Facebook page
and your site, let me know and I’ll include you in my round-up post. If
you’re interested, simply respond to this message with a “yes” and I’ll show
you a screen shot of what your listing will look like.

Let me know and I’ll respond ASAP.

Thanks and have a furry nice day!


P.S. There are several reasons I believe that the Facebook page swap didn’t
work as well as it should have, and my round-up post addresses them all.

I sent that at 9:56 AM. At 9:59 AM, I received this answer…


Please let me know if you would like me to do anything in return – e.g.
share your page on mine?

You’ll notice that I referred to a page on my site in a format that every
blogger is familiar with… “the round up post.” The other thing I did was
make it easy on the other person. I just asked for a “yes” in order to get
the details from me.

Only 9 of the Facebook owners I contacted said yes (the others did not
respond), but that was enough. After I published the page and others started
sharing it, more page owners came forward and asked to participate.
In total, we grew to have 40 different Facebook Pages in the alliance and two
round-up posts. Through those 40 Facebook Pages, we were able to reach more than
100,000 Facebook fans.

The icing on the cake here is that for each Facebook Page in the round-up, I
embedded a Like button. Visitors to the page could merely scroll down and
choose which Pages they wanted to Like, buffet-style. I also provided
shareable images to improve the reach.

Here’s an example of how I presented the 19 Pages with shareable images and Like
buttons on the first round-up post…

You can see the complete round-up post at the link below…

The end result was more Likes (and ongoing new Likes) for each Facebook Page
in the round-up, more Likes for my website and my Facebook Page, and
thousands of new visitors.

Facebook Marketing Tips

1) Relate to the other person and make it a win-win. Establish a common ground
with other Facebook Page owners, and come up with an arrangement that
benefits both of you (value for value) as well as your visitors.

2) Keep in touch. Get multiple Facebook pages to send traffic to your site
within a short time frame by coordinating a launch date. Keep in regular
contact with everyone in your alliance and build up excitement for the

3) Do the heavy lifting. Not everyone will follow your instructions and if
it seems like too much work, they’ll say no. Make it as easy as possible for
your alliance partners to participate.

4) Time is short, so keep it short. When contacting other Page owners, make
your initial contact short, and create a bit of mystery… get them to
ask… “how do you do that?”

Since overcoming his dislike for Facebook, Kurt Schmitt has built an active, cat-loving Facebook community. More than just an extension of his SBI! site,, his Facebook Page provides a forum from which important discussions spark, as well as a constant flow of new content and ideas.

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